About Us

we are committed to providing you the exceptional experience that will for ever give you peace and good health.


Philrocks Agrik Koncept is striving to become the number one point company in the provision of organic protein content in the Africa


Philrocks Agrik Koncept combines best organic practices, technology and requisite skills as a key driver for continually producing domestic protein requirement in an affordable manner that are health friendly and conforms to local and international standard

Value Preposition

At Philrocks Agrik Koncept we are committed to bringing our professionalism to bear in ensuring timely delivery and continuous availability of organic poultry products to our esteemed customers at a competitive Price

Our story

Philrocks Agrik Koncept is an emerging indigenous agro-business company that commences operation in Nigeria in September 2015 and was granted business name registration by the Corporate Affairs Commission on the 21st Day of October 2016 to perform farming, food production and processing of agricultural product.

We farm and process Chicken for meat purpose using pure organic material including herbs, roots, fruits, leaves, spices among others after special preparation . We specially prepared pro-biotics to replace all forms of synthetic drug administration. The special herbs, roots, fruits, leaves, spices used include, Garlic, Ginger, Canyenne pepper, Habanera pepper, Bitter leaf, Scent leaf, Turmeric, Black pepper, Aloe Vera, Carrots, Cucumber, Garden eggs, Egg shells, Pawpaw, Apple, Maringa leaves, Neem leaves, Basil, Lime, Lemon and so many more

At Philrocks Agrik Koncept our operational process hygiene culture is second to none. Our slaughter bay is filled with slaughtering cones, and we use mechanical process in de-feathering making processing environment impeachable.


Our focus is to bridge the gap between the demand and supply for fresh processed poultry products  in the most excellent way.

Our Journey to organic farming

Our shift to organic ferment commenced about two years into our operation when we notice that most synthetic antibiotics have withdrawal period and it is rear to keep broilers in our environment without administering these antibiotics and sometime it almost at harvest time. Thus we commence inquiry into natural approach to raising broilers using roots, herbs and vegetables. We were able to get a mentor who lead us in the path of organic farming since then we have been consistent in delivering value and training others to this effect

lead team

Ochaje Rose
Itodo J. philip
Blessing Evans
Customer relationship officer